Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mourning Dawn - Straight to the Past (Demo 2003)

Genre : Dark Black Doom
Country : France

Second Demo of this great band. This is extreme Black Doom, with brutal riffs, slow passages, heavy tunes, and acoustic moments. The vocals are aggressive Black in the best performance, accompanied by some clean harsh vocals. The atmosphere is very dense. The melodies are anguish, despair and anger. It's other amazing work of these french! Highly recommended!

1.Say Goodbye ... 05:03
2.This Lost Smile in the Dark Sky 09:49
3.Nihil 01:05
4.For a While 06:09
5.Mourning Dawn 06:42
6.Straight to the Past 05:27
7.Outro 03:27
8.Beyond the Mirror 05:13

Total playing time 42:55

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