Saturday, October 11, 2008

Forest of Shadows - Where Dreams Turn to Dust + 2 Bonus Track (EP 2001)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Sweden

This Ep represents the best work of the band and their maximum composition point. There are amazing and brilliant songs full of melancholy, pain, anguish and suffering. They use heavy and melodic guitars, darkened keyboards, flutes and violins that create an atmosphere of total devastation and melancholy, completed by beautiful acoustic passages. With perfect deep grunts and distressing clean vocals. This work includes 2 members from Ningizzia. It's one of the best releases in the Doom Death genre, and collection piece. Highly recommended!!!

For fans of Ningizzia, Officium Triste, Before the Rain, Saturnus, Inborn Suffering & Swallow the Sun.

1.Eternal Autumn 09:24
2.Wish 08:20
3.Of Sorrow Blue 11:30
4.Under The Dying Sun (Bonus Track from : Demo 'Under the Dying Sun') 15:34
5.The Silent Cry (Bonus Track) 05:17

Total playing time 50:05

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