Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mar de Grises - Draining The Waterheart (2008)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Chile

Second full-length of this chilean band, formed by members from "Aurahiemis" and "Mourners Lament". In this album they play a Melodic Doom Death, with aggresive and slow passages, deep grunts and darkened riffs. Recommended.

For fans of Swallow the Sun, Daylight Dies, early Katatonia and October Tide.

1.Sleep Just One Dawn 08:24
2.Kilómetros de Nada 10:53
3.Deep-Seeded Hope Avant-Garde 08:29
4.Fantasía 03:10
5.Wooden Woodpecker Conversion 06:13
6.One Possessed 07:08
7.Summon Me 06:23
8.Liturgia; Convite y Prefiguración/Purgatorio/Diálogo Infierno 13:35

Total playing time 01:04:15

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