Friday, February 27, 2009

I Drowned in a Stream of Mourn - Oh God, Not Another One (Demo 2004)

Genre : Atmospheric Funeral Doom
Country : United States

This band plays slow Funeral Doom with atmospheric interludes, distorted riffs, ultra-heavy passages, crushing melodies, melancholic moments, painful keyboards, mournful sound, deep grunts and screamed psychotic growls. Their two Demos are excellent stuff for funereal fans! Highly recommended!!!

1.Emptying the Drawer of Repulsion 11:34
2.Strangling the Truth 09:11

Total playing time 20:45

1 comment:

Deathstructor said...

Me sorprendieron los integrantes que para ser menores de edad tengan unos sentimientos tan depresivos y una buena tecnica desoladora.