Monday, October 13, 2008

Silent Stream of Godless Elegy - Osameli (EP 2006)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death Folk
(Male & female vocals; Violins, cello & keyboards)
Country : Czech Republic

A special release from this cult Czech Doom Death act. Features six newly-recorded tracks, this time in czech language, and two different remixes of "Lonely". These songs in their original language are more enigmatic and emotional than in the previously release version. Highly recommended!

1.Osameli 07:38
2.Tanczylabym 04:52
3.Pohanska 07:40
4.Look (rozsirena verze) 05:48
5.Razem 08:16
6.Tvari v tvar 06:53
7.Lonely (Sayko remix) 05:31
8.Lonely (Elektrabel remix) 04:50

Total playing time 51:28

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Unknown said...

this EP es amazing and the band too thanx !!