Friday, September 19, 2008

Ningizzia - The Dark Path (1998) / The Cold, The Silent (1999) Demos

These are the 2 demos of Ningizzia, in one link for all doomsters fans. Beautiful melodies with atmospheres and riffs very darkness. It's a very good & rare material. This not found easily!!!

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : France

The Dark Path (Demo 1998)

1.Spirit Of The Abandoned 09:04
2.Point Of No Return 07:49
3.Ode To The Realm Of The Ancient Wisdoms 04:01
4.The Dark Path 15:51

Playing time 36:45

The Cold, The Silent (Demo 1999)

1.Beneath The Silent Moon 08:28

Playing time 08:28

Total playing time 45:13

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