Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Keen of the Crow - Hyborea (2007)

Genre : Death Doom
Country : United States

Keen of the Crow is a band formed from ashes of Morgion, and this is their first album. It's a Doom Death aggressive and crushing, with heavy riffs, great melodies and acoustic passages. The deep growls are powerful, and the clean vocals are perfect and melancholic. A great album very recommended!

1.Prologue 00:56
2.Where Dead Kings Lie 09:25
3.Hyborea 02:56
4.Left For The Wolves 05:36
5.The Eye Of The Serpent 02:00
6.To Reach Emptiness 08:20
7.Burning Away... 07:16
8.Valeria 06:08
9.Seeking Fury, Becoming Wrath 06:31
10.Stygian Black Lotus 06:06
11.Epilogue 00:58

Total playing time 56:12

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