Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nightsky Bequest - Of Sea, Wind and Farewell / Uncounted Stars + 4 Bonus Track (1999 / Re-released 2007)

Genre : Atmospheric Doom
(Female vocals)
Country : Bulgaria

This is a beautiful Doom with some Gothic influences, with atmospheric and acoustic passages, excellent melodies, powerful riffs, flutes and keyboards. It's melancholy, sadness, and tragedy. The female voice is very well performed. This album includes "Uncounted Stars" EP from 1996. Amazing work very recommended!

For fans of The Gathering, Ashes You Leave, Chalice, The 3rd & the Mortal, Galadriel, etc.

1.Your Sun 05:46
2.Green Eyes 06:16
3.To Sing a Song 04:01
4.Shadow of Myself 06:25
5.The Moon is Waiting for Its Song 06:38
6.Windsymphony 11:49
7.Unfounded Dreamland 05:34
8.Sleeping Out of Time (Bonus Track) 02:00
9.Blanknes (Bonus Track) 04:39
10.The Promise (Bonus Track) 07:01
11.Unfounded Dreamland (Bonus Track) 05:49

Total playing time 01:05:58

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