Saturday, September 27, 2008

Abyssmal Sorrow - Lament (2008)

Genre : Black Funeral Doom
Country : Australia

Abyssmal Sorrow, a fresh name in the funeral doom genre. 'Lament' is the first full-length they release after their 2007 self-titled EP. In this album the atmosphere of depression and misery that radiates from it is almost tangible. The general sound on the album is fantastic, distress and desolation made music. Is an emotional journey of life's agony feelings, misery and pain.

1.Bound In Lifeless Affliction 09:14
2.Requiem For The Dying Moon 10:47
3.Cavernous Sorrow And Worthlessness 05:55
4.Echoes Through The Fields Of Death 09:23
5.Austere Lament Part One 06:53
6.Austere Lament Part Two 12:21

Total playing time 54:33

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