Sunday, November 23, 2008

Soulsearch - Abred vs. Annwn (1998)

Genre : Epic Folk Doom Death
Country : Austria

This is the second Soulserch's album. This album is a great piece of Doom, their melodies are very complex, with darkened sounds, progressive elements, and folk influences. The guttural vocals are powerful, also the Epic vocals. The melodies are accompanied by keyboards, and heavy riffs. This is a work very different than others!

1.When The Sidh Turns Into Glass 06:55
2.Towards The Dazzling Niam 07:00
3.The Recurrence Of Owl Aided 02:54
4.Aeds Traces Through The Ages 07:11
5.Under The Spell Of The Golden Torques 04:10
6.Among The Fields Of Achard Forcha 05:30
7.The Bleeding Seals Of Gessa 02:33
8.Inner Chaos In Cythraw 04:44
9.The Treasure Of The Past Will Last In The Great Archaic Alliance And The Origin Of All Species (Part 1) 11:42

Total playing time 52:39

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