Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Living Fields - The Miseries Never Cease (Demo 2004)

Genre : Epic Heav/Progressive Doom Death
Country : United States

The Living Fields is an interesting band that plays awesome Metal with many influences like Doom, Folk, Epic, Heavy and Progressive. Creating excellent melodies, rhythm changes, slow passages, acoustic moments, majestic atmospheres, with melodic riffs, violins, keyboards, screaming vocals, deep grunts, and clean vocals. This release is highly recommended for lovers of these genres and new experiences!
Thanks to my friend iiiii for this great contribution!
1.A Leveling Spirit 05:36
2.The Miseries Never Cease 07:00
3.Dim Prospects 03:32
4.Empires Fall 06:05

Total playing time 22:13

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