Thursday, October 23, 2008

Paradise Lost - Shades of God (1992) Classic Album

Genre : Melodic Doom
Country : England

This is the third album of this mythical band. In this work they play a Melodic Doom with the best riffs. In this album you can listen great slow guitar solos, something never before heard on a Doom band. Perfect and emotional melodies in these 9 tracks. Nick Holmes sings on your own distressing style, the vocals are harsh and deep; neither Death nor clean. This full-length is a transition point between "Gothic" and "Icon". An essential album for all doomster!!!

1.Mortals Watch the Day 05:12
2.Crying for Eternity 07:05
3.Embraced 04:29
4.Daylight Torn 07:53
5.Pity the Sadness 05:05
6.No Forgiveness 07:37
7.Your Hand in Mine 07:08
8.The Word Made Flesh 04:41
9.As I Die 03:46

Total playing time 52:56

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