Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tristitia - Crucidiction (1997)

Genre : Melodic Epic Doom Death (Guttural and epic vocals)
Country : Sweden

This is the Tristitia's best album, is a wonderful work with sorrowful melodies. The first track is a magnificent intro, and the rest of the tracks performs the best Doom that ever heard, they continue this epic and melancholic way until the end. This album is for collection!!!

1.Ego Sum Resurrectio (Intro) 02:08
2.Christianic Indulgence 06:50
3.Crucidiction 06:33
4.Wintergrief 08:15
5.Envy The Dead 04:48
6.Lioness' Roar (Instrumental) 04:53
7.Mark My Words 06:34
8.Gardenia (Instrumental) 02:01
9.Final Lament 07:06

Total playing time 48:57

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