Saturday, January 10, 2009

Persistence in Mourning - Listless Acts of Attrition (EP 2007)

Genre : Atmospheric Funeral Drone Doom
Country : United States

This is the first work of the band. This is bleak Funeral with distorted riffs, claustrophobic atmosphere, distressing keyboards and sinister growls. This material is very hard to find!

Thanks to Siavosh "Doomedsoul" for this contribution.

1.Hell (In A Very Small Place) 04:27
2.Wormking 04:29
3...This Failed Experiment 05:15
4.Triskaidekaphobia 03:36
5.En Stille Död 05:14
6.7 Crowns, 10 Heads 03:00

Total playing time 26:02

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1 comment:

Deathstructor said...

Gracias por la banda...
Me gusta bastante el Atmospheric Funeral Drone Doom.
Que nunca pare este blog tan bueno...