Friday, November 21, 2008

Mistress of the Dead - White Roses, White Coffin (2008)

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : Czech Republic

This is the fourth album of this mournful band. The melodies are sorrow, mystery, hopeless, melancholy, suffering and despair. The riffs are ultra slow, very well performed. The keyboards create a mysterious atmosphere, darkened and distressing. The vocals are deep grunts with full anguish and pain. This is a monumental Funeral album, one of the best works of the band.
This material is for dying souls! Highly recommended!!!

Very recommended buy this CD. This album came out on November 18th.

1.My Beloveth 13:15
2.The Fading Light In Her Dying Eyes 18:50
3.She Gave Me Her All... 20:43
4.White Roses, White Coffin 23:16
Total playing time 01:16:04


Anonymous said...

tanx from iran.

Anonymous said...

Thanks from canada

Anonymous said...

Wonderful album. What a big progress between the debut album and this one. It's a shame Mistress is not better known.

R. Marcus said...

Thanks from Brasil!

Ave Umbra!

Anonymous said...

Really good sound!!

Anonymous said...

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