Saturday, November 1, 2008

Forest of Shadows - Six Waves Of Woe (2008)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Sweden

This is the last album of the band. After 4 years Niclas Frohagen has released this melancholic work, with a perfect performance. Highly recommended!!!
1.Submission 06:47
2.Selfdestructive 08:11
3.Detached 07:08
4.Moments In Solitude 09:39
5.Pernicious 05:43
6.Deprived 10:28

Total playing time 47:16


Unknown said...

I agree, perfect performance!

Doomstermaniac said...

Thank you for your continuous visit!

Anonymous said...

One of the best melancholic Doom albums this year...I love it!

Anonymous said...

A very emotional album with great atmosphere. Highly recommanded.

Ñango said...

Niclas is a master, a genius, this album is great, one of the best albums of doom