Monday, October 20, 2008

Paradise Lost - Gothic (1991) Classic Album

Genre : Doom Death
Country : England

This is the second full-length of the band, with full sorrowful emotion through a harsh and mournful sound. This album is colossally heavy, melancholic and rhythmic; with magnificent riffs very well performed, and exciting guitar solos. Really the best riffs of the genre! This work contains many of the best songs in the entire Paradise Lost career!...Highly recommended!!!

1.Gothic 04:51
2.Dead Emotion 04:38
3.Shattered 04:01
4.Rapture 05:09
5.Eternal 03:55
6.Falling Forever 03:35
7.Angel Tears 02:40
8.Silent 04:42
9.The Painless 04:02
10.Desolate 01:51

Total playing time 39:24

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Anonymous said...

Many Thanks for this...your blog is great, i'm a fan of doom, compliments :-)