Monday, December 22, 2008

Ixion - Through the Space We Die (Demo 2007)

Genre : Atmospheric Doom Death/Funeral Doom
Country : France

This is other great band from France, the country of absolute melancholy! They play Doom Death with dense atmosphere and some classical arrangements. The keyboards are very well worked creating beautiful and dark melodies. The vocals are deep grunts and melancholic clean vocals. It's a work full of melancholy, pain and suffering. In the 3 first tracks the atmosphere and tempo are practically Funeral Doom. Highly recommended!

1.Still Conscious 02:50
2.The Seeds of Misery 07:36
3.Cold Stars 05:46
4.Eternal Dreams 04:34
5.Closer Now 05:08
6.A Call for the End 04:44

Total playing time 30:47


Anonymous said...

good job. tanx so much from iran.

Anonymous said...

A very good demo from a promising young band.
Costs only 6€ at :
(and it's a real CD, not a poor CD-R demo stuff ;))

Doomstermaniac said...

Epiphora Productions is a recommended label, the orders arrive inside Europe in 5 days. I purchased Monolithe in digipack few months ago!

Unknown said...

This Guys makes good tunes, I like so much the sound the atmospheres a great Demo!!!.

Anonymous said...

Realmente me encantó esto. Tenía mucho, mucho tiempo de no escuchar algo que me hiciera dejar activada la opción "repetir lista de reproducción". Muchas gracias. Realmente me ha gustado mucho esta banda. Mientras escribo esto, estoy terminando de escuchar por tercera vez el demo y habrá una cuarta y probablemente una quinta. Excelente.

Anonymous said...

me encanta, muy buena banda... ojala saquen mas material