Saturday, November 15, 2008

Beprasmybë - Banalybë (2005)

Genre : Atmospheric Funeral Drone Doom
Country : Lithuania

This is the first album of this Funeral band. "Beprasmybë" means "Vacuity" in Lithuanian. Their atmosphere is dense and dark, with slower riffs, and deep grunts. This interesting album is desolation and hopeless.

1.Žinoti 13:09
2.Laukti 07:54
3.Blaškytis 11:54
4.Skêsti 07:07
5.Mirti 22:00
6.Palikti 05:33

Total playing time 01:07:37


Anonymous said...

From Argentina, thanks for all the stuff... there're so many bands that i didn't know they exist... Bye...

Anonymous said...

thank u so much. O\m/D from iran.