Monday, October 20, 2008

Thorns of the Carrion - The Gardens Of Dead Winter (1994)

Genre : Funeral Doom Death
Country : United States

This is the first amazing album of this great band. Their music is very obscure with magnificent atmosphere. The riffs are crushing, slow, powerful, melodic and very well worked. The guttural vocals is harsh and very deep, accompanied with some screaming vocals. All mixed with some instrumental passages and perfect keyboards. Their sound is desolation, darkness and devastation. Really this is an excellent album, a jewel of the genre for collection! Essential and mandatory listen this album!!!
For fans of Thergothon, Evoken, Esoteric, Skepticism, Worship, Mournful Congregation, etc.
1.Everstill Cry (The Tears That Flood Tomorrow) 05:03
2.Images Within The Tides Of Tranquillity 06:56
3.The Abide Of The Undead Knights 02:19
4.As Shadows Asway The Soul 06:41
5.Portrait Of The Impious 02:07
6.On Watchers From Towers Above 06:10
7.Mourners At The Edge Of Black Rain 02:00
8.When Sunlight Fades 05:43
9.A Shade Of Sorrow (Into Forever) 01:20
10.As Shadows Asway The Soul (live) 07:03
11.On Watchers From Towers Above (live) 08:18

Total playing time 53:40

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