Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Long Winters' Stare - The Tears of Odin's Fallen (2000)

Genre : Symphonyc Dark Doom
Country : United States

This band is very original, your sound is unique, it's a long journey to the world of lost souls. Magnificent work, with strange and beautiful melodies, darkness and melancholy, death growls, enigmatic male and female vocals, solemn and distressing choirs, grandiose keyboards, and intricate riffs. This one of the biggest albums in the Doom Metal genre. Hard to find. Highly recommended!!!

1.In the Hall of Odin 03:17
2.Blood of Steel 08:27
3.Blood of My Fathers 10:04
4.Neolyth 04:01
5.In Arms 07:27
6.The Last Call 09:30
7.The Unknown God 19:30

Total playing time 01:02:16

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