Monday, December 8, 2008

Solitude Aeturnus - Adagio (1998)

Genre : Epic Doom
Country : United States

This is the fifth album and the comeback to the right way. This work presents a great Doom Metal, with excellent riffs and mysterious melodies. The guitars are heavy with slow and fast moments. The vocals are very well performed.
This album contains as cover, the Black Sabbath song "Heaven and Hell", realized in magnificent performance, really is the high point in this work. Highly recommended!!!

1.My Endtime 00:48
2.Days of Prayer 06:10
3.Believe 05:51
4.Never 02:53
5.Idis 05:40
6.Personal God 05:01
7.Mental Pictures 04:57
8.Insanity's Circles 06:05
9.The Fall 02:28
10.Lament 05:42
11.Empty Faith 03:58
12.Spiral Descent 07:08
13.Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath cover) 06:13

Total playing time 01:03:00

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