Friday, November 28, 2008

My Dying Bride - 34.788%... Complete (1998)

Genre : ??? Doom Metal
Country : England

Fifth album of the band. This is the fuck*** thorn in the career of My Dying Bride; because their sound and style are different to other works. It is a controversial album, for some it is good for others not. The "Classic" track that contains is "Under Your Wings and into Your Arms"
I invite you to listen this album, and do an opinion on this release.

1.The Whore, the Cook and the Mother 11:59
2.The Stance of Evander Sinque 05:31
3.Der Überlebende 07:38
4.Heroin Chic 08:04
5.Apocalypse Woman 07:37
6.Base Level Erotica 09:54
7.Under Your Wings and into Your Arms 05:58

Total playing time 56:41

1 comment:

lack said...

i like this album alot. sure, it is VERY different but it can be appreciated as its own thing if you really listen. there's no point in holding this up to 'regular' doom releases or metal.
the 'na na na's do really suck though.