Thursday, January 14, 2010

Eyes of Ligeia - What The Moon Brings (2004)

Genre : Doom Death
Country : United States
Link Reuploaded!

This is the third album. Slow and sinister Doom in the vein of their first albums, with dense atmosphere, heavy riffs and whisper growls. The atmosphere is strange and out of this world. The melodies are enigmatic, desolate, and horrified. The lyrics are perfect for Lovecraft's fans. Recommended!!!

1.Polaris 09:13
2.What the Moon Brings 06:13
3.The Thirteenth Atu 11:38
4.From Out of the Abysses Between the Stars 05:21
5.To Call the Slow-Sailing Stars By Name 11:11

Total playing time 43:36



Karba said...

Muy curioso este álbum, hasta cierto punto original, y muy hermoso, con esas atmósferas tan aterradoras y misteriosas, y a la vez muy ambientales, que parecen unificar todos los temas en uno solo, y unas voces... de otro mundo.

Este blog sigue siendo una fuente inagotable de sorpresas.

Sigue así Doomstemaniac!

omid said...

reupload please.