Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ras Algethi - Onericon : The White Hypnotic (1995)

Genre : Atmospheric Melancholic Doom Death
Country : Italy

This is the only full-length from Ras Algethi. A majestic work with great sadness, melancholy & depression. Beautiful compositions, accompanied by a church organ, slow and emotive riffs, acoustic parts, deep grunts, and gregorian chants. This album creates a mournful feeling, is total suffering, a depressive piece of best Doom Metal. Highly recommended!!!

For fans of Decoryah, Antichrisis among others...

1.Aldebaran Crossing 02:12
2.The Bride Eternal 10:15
3.When Fire Is Father 08:50
4.Keys of Urtam (A Translucent Vision) 08:38
5.With an Halo of Flames 02:46
6.Symbols (In Luca Oblique) 12:12
7.Nubes Obscura 05:34
8.In White Hypnotic 06:31

Total playing time 56:58

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Anonymous said...

Some rare and very good stuff you got here man.
Thanks a lot for you up.-s.