Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Uaral - Sounds of Pain (2005)

Genre : Folk Doom Black
Country : Chile

This is the first album of this Chilean band. Folk Doom with mournful keyboards, atmospheric elements, acoustic passages, melodic riffs, amazing melodies, melancholic clean vocals, and cavernous growls.

For me this is the best album of the band, full of melancholy, sadness, acoustic guitars and painful riffs. Highly recommended!

For fans of Kauan 'Lumikuuro' and Empyrium!

1.Lost 03:34
2.Surrendered To The Decadence 06:34
3.Eternal Beauty Of The Trees 06:01
4.Sounds Of Pain... 19:28
5.Niche 09:30
6.Depresión 05:44
7.La Vaga Esperanza De Ser 05:28
8.Uaral 04:47

Total playing time 01:01:06

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