Saturday, September 20, 2008

The 3rd and the Mortal - Tears Laid In Earth (1994)

Genre : Atmospheric Doom (Female Vocals)
Country : Norway

"Tears Laid In Earth" is the first and best album of the band. Classic album of the Doom Metal genre with atmospheric elements and norwegian folk influences. The melodies are sorrowful, obscure, mysterious, melancholic and beautiful. The enigmatic female vocals of Kari Rueslåtten (Storm) are awesome, one of the best female singing performances in the Doom Metal history. This album is a majestic masterpiece! A true cult album!!!

1.Vandring 01:40
2.Why So Lonely 05:14
3.Autopoema 04:42
4.Death-Hymn 08:24
5.Shaman 03:29
6.Trial of Past 05:15
7.Lengsel 02:06
8.Salva Me 04:38
9.Song 06:38
10.In Mist Shrouded 05:38
11.Oceana 18:46

Total playing time 01:06:30

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