Friday, November 21, 2008

Thy Sinister Bloom - Serein Falls (EP 1996) / Fragrant Suncry : A Scented Memoriam (Demo 1996) / Instrumental Demo (Unknown Year)

Genre : Doom Metal
Country : Ireland

This band play Psychedelic Doom Metal with emotional melodies and absolute melancholy. Their sound is beautiful with magnificent riffs, and atmospheric passages. The vocals are dying whispers and clean voices. This material is very hard to find, really imposible to find, because this material contains unreleased works.
Essential listen these works, highly recommended!!!

Serein Falls (EP 1996)

1.Lunar Seas (Rising) 08:13
2.Moodsphere Aria 03:54
3.The Starborn Serenade Our Loss 14:30

Playing time 26:37

Fragrant Suncry / A Scented Memoriam (Demo 1996)

1.Fragrant Suncry/ A Scented Memoriam 23:03

Playing time 23:03

Instrumental Demo (Unknown Year)

1.Our Days Undone 06:03
2.Nomad's Gaze 06:05
3.Oracle of the Weeping 04:20
4.Dulcet Cadence 03:12

Playing time 19:40

Total playing time 01:09:20

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