Sunday, March 22, 2009

Celestial Season - Solar Lovers (1995)

Genre : Doom Death/Stoner Doom
Country : Netherlands
This album is the transition between their old style and this Doom Death with Stoner Doom influences, creating an original sound, with violins, cello, and piano. This album is crushing Doom Metal!
Highly recommended!!!

1.Decamerone 06:58
2.Solar Child 05:14
3.Body As Canvas 00:57
4.Soft Embalmer Of The Still Midnight 06:46
5.Will You Wait For The Sun? 06:41
6.The Holy Snake 01:28
7.Dancing To A Thousand Symphonies 03:11
8.Vienna (Ultravox cover) 04:30
9.Fandango 01:41
10.The Scent Of Eve 08:53
11.A Tune From The Majestic Queen's Garden 01:49

Total playing time 48:08

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Anonymous said...

the Ultravox cover is somehow better than the original