Thursday, March 5, 2009

Autumnia - O´Funeralia (2009)

Genre : Funeral Doom Death
Country : Ukraine

Awesome third album of this funereal band. The band plays Funeral Doom with Doom Death moments, mounful guitars, melodic riffs, sorrowful violins, melancholic keyboards/piano, classical arrangements, depressive melodies, beautiful passages, crushing moments, powerful grunts and some clean vocals.

The first track is simply amazing with tons of melancholy. In the minute 5:40 the sadness is absolute, the violin and piano are so depressive, it's a beautiful agony!... I am in the continuous search of the perfect mournful melody, and in this track I found other mournful melody. The sad melodies are water for my life, the breath of my soul!

This album is absolutely recommended!!!... also recommended for purchase!

1.In Heavens... Among the Tombs 10:30
2.Blessing Your Illness 10:31
3.Falling Asleep With Entreaty 05:31
4.Breathe Your Mourning Into Me 10:08
5.By The Candles Obsequial 12:53

Total playing time 49:33

Previous albums of the band :

Autumnia - In Loneliness of Two Souls (2004)

Autumnia - By the Candles Obsequial (2007)


Anonymous said...

This is such a great album. Didn't know the band before but this is definitely a pleasant surprise. I absolutely love the violin passages. It adds so much melancholy to to the music. Just awesome.


Anonymous said...

O, great! O'Funeralia!

Anonymous said...

Its ok , but for me not for purchase.