Saturday, November 8, 2008

Orphaned Land - El Norra Alila (1996)

Genre : Doom Death Folk
Country : Israel

This is the second album of this brilliant band that combines Israelian folk with crushing Doom Death and emotional melodies. The use of deep grunts and emotive clean vocals is perfect. The acoustic passages and folk influences are very well worked. This is one of the best Orphaned Land albums!

This post is dedicated to my friend Lord Blasphemus (Orphaned Land fan), a person that lives the true Doom feeling!

1.Find Yourself, Discover God 06:15
2.Like Fire To Water 04:46
3.The Truth Within 04:34
4.The Path Ahead 04:16
5.A Neverending Way 02:05
6.Takasim 01:13
7.Thee By The Father I Pray 03:11
8.Flawless Belief 06:46
9.Joy 00:42
10.Whisper My Name When You Dream 04:35
11.Shir Hama`alot 05:03
12.El Meod Na`ala 02:22
13.Of Temptation Born 04:42
14.The Evil Urge 06:08
15.Shir Hashirim 01:59

Total playing time 58:37

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Anonymous said...

Buena banda
estis si saben combinar el doom-death con uno que otro toque de folk
gracias por el disco