Sunday, October 19, 2008

Aphotic - Stillness Grows (2004)

Genre : Doom Death
Country : United States

Aphotic is a band formed from ashes of 'Dusk', with all Dusk's members. Unfortunately Apothic is split-up since 2005. This is a great Doom Death, powerful melodies, deep grunts, excellent keyboards and crushing riffs. This work includes Aphotic's entire discography collected onto one CD. This is an essential Doom!!!

Tracks 1-5: From Stillness Grows EP, Tracks 6-9: From Under Veil of Dark EP, Tracks 10-14: from Aphotic EP

1.Vulnerable 02:41
2.Benumb 03:19
3.Spores 03:47
4.Loathe 02:54
5.Lunar Ride 06:09
6.Precipice 03:37
7.Under Veil of the Endless Grey Sky 04:23
8.Atmosphere 03:39
9.Free Me 04:07
10.Livid Dread 02:11
11.Glide 02:46
12.Psychoma 04:52
13.A Chance to Live 02:06
14.Panoramic 03:48

Total playing time 50:19

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Barabass said...

A great band, peccato che non esistano piu