Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dissolving of Prodigy - Time Ruins Also Beauty (1997)

Genre : Doom Death (Violin, flute and keyboards)
Country : Czech Republic

This is one of the best Czech bands, they plays fantastic melodies, with full beautiful and sadness. This is melancholy, suffering, pain and anguish. Great album very well worked. Highly recommended!!!

1.The Land Of Bird`s Spirit 07:38
2.My Numb Wings 11:04
3.Dazbog`s Heart 07:34
4.Time Ruins Also Beauty 07:31
5.The Gate To The Hereafter 07:04
6.Celebration Of Trampled Flowers 06:45
7.Unfilled Longings 09:48
8.In Memory 03:12

Total playing time 01:00:36

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