Sunday, October 5, 2008

Abstract Spirit - Liquid Dimensions Change (2008)

Genre : Funeral Doom Death
Country : Russia

First album of this good band from Russia, is a work of great darkness and melancholy. Guitars heavy and slow, sad atmospheres, and deep grunts. It's a Funeral Doom with excellent melodies, very diverse in their composition. Highly recommended!

For fans of Worship, Mournful Congregation, Remembrance, Tyranny, Despond & Doom Vs.

1.From Behind The Verge 09:00
2.To Kiss The Emptiness... 08:00
3.Ruined 09:39
4.Sarabanda 11:08
5.Apostasy 13:47
6.Liquid Dimensions Change 10:22

Total playing time 01:01:56

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Very good first album.
Thanx from France