Friday, October 3, 2008

Desire - Pentacrow (1998)

Genre : Melodic Dark Doom Death (Male and female vocals)
Country : Portugal

This is a great band with 3 excellent albums. In this album the melodies are very obscure, distressing, desolate and sad. They create darkened and beautiful atmospheres with their perfect keyboards; and this is completed with strong grunts, clean vocals, and sorrowful female voice. A great work for collection, highly recommended!!!

1.A Ride In a Dream Crow 11:14
2.Solitude (Candlemass cover) 07:39
3.When Sorrow Embraces My Heart (Movement I) 06:50
4.When Sorrow Embraces My Heart (Movement II) 05:47
5.When Sorrow Embraces My Heart (Movement III) 05:29
6.Death Blessed By A God 08:51
7.The Crow Shelter 00:52

Total playing time 46:45

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