Thursday, February 26, 2009

Grand Magus - Grand Magus (2001)

Genre : Epic Heavy Doom Metal
Country : Sweden

Grand Magus plays an excellent Epic Heavy with Doom Metal, and 70's Rock influences; mixing fast passages with slow and dense moments. The guitars are heavy, with rhythm changes, and intricate melodies. The vocals are Epic Heavy, in excellent performance. Their albums are highly recommended for Classic Doomsters.
It's excellent stuff!

1.Gauntlet 03:48
2.Legion 03:54
3.Never Learned 04:48
4.Black Hound of Vengeance 05:00
5.Coat of Arms 03:34
6.Generator 05:32
7.Wheel of Time 05:24
8.Lodbrok 04:13
9.Black Hole 05:00
10.Mountain of Power 05:54

Total playing time 47:07

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