Monday, October 20, 2008

Paradise Lost - Lost Paradise + 1 Bonus Track (1990) Classic Album

Genre : Doom Death
Country : England

This is the first full-length from Paradise Lost. This album is a pillar of Doom Death, because Paradise Lost initiated a revolutionary sound, along with My Dying Bride, Anathema and Winter, that laid the foundations of Doom Death as we know it today. This is a crushing album full of aggressiveness with slow and agonizing passages; sinister, desolate, obscure harmonies, almost beautiful. Aggressive and powerful guttural vocals. The riffs are melodic and have a characteristic sound, which defined the sound of Paradise Lost in their entire career. This is essential for all true doomster!!!
With this album I am starting the collection : Classic Albums!

1.Intro 02:42
2.Deadly Inner Sense 04:37
3.Paradise Lost 05:29
4.Our Saviour 05:08
5.Rotting Misery 05:16
6.Frozen Illusion 05:21
7.Breeding Fear 04:14
8.Lost Paradise 02:08
9.Internal Torment II (Bonus Track) 05:54

Total playing time 34:55

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