Friday, October 10, 2008

Desire - Locus Horrendus : The Night Cries Of A Sullen Soul (2002)

Genre : Melodic Dark Doom Death
Country : Portugal

This is the second album from Desire. It's a magnificent work with perfect melodies. The growls are very deep with total suffering and anguish; also has some low clean vocals and painful female choirs. The keyboards create a darkened and melancholic atmosphere, accompanied by melodious and strong guitars. It's one of the best albums of Melodic Doom and their style is very original. Really amazing and highly recommended!!!

1.Preludium (Alpha) 01:o7
2.Frozen Heart... Lonely Soul... 08:45
3.Cries Of Despair 00:57
4.The Weep Of A Mournful Dusk 13:11
5...An Autumnal Night Passion: Movement I 09:09
6...An Autumnal Night Passion: Movement II 09:50
7.Drama 01:43
8.Dark Angel Bird (A Poet Of Tragedies) 10:51
9.Torn Apart 08:33
10.(Love Is) Suicide... 04:18
11.Postludium (Omega) 00:28

Total playing time 01:08:52

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bruce said...

Es mi album favorito de esta excelente banda.. gracias