Thursday, September 18, 2008

Saturnus - Paradise Belongs To You (1996)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Denmark

This is one of the best Doom works. Your melodies and atmospheres are beautiful and darkened; the atmosphere used in this album is unique and never more I listened nothing compared. For my this is the best album of Saturnus.

1.Paradise Belongs to You 10:14
2.Christ Goodbye 08:09
3.As We Dance the Paths of Fire and Solace 01:41
4.Pilgrimage of Sorrow 09:16
5.The Fall of Nakkiel (Nakkiel Has Fallen) 05:05
6.Astral Dawn 07:53
7.I Love Thee 08:34
8.The Underworld 09:26
9.Lament for This Treacherous World 07:29

Total playing time 01:07:50

1 comment:

iiiiiii said...

A must have album for doom-death fans !
Naive but sincere, a beautiful and dreamy wooden atmosphere... The song 'The Fall of Nakkiel' can break every heart !