Thursday, November 13, 2008

Arcana Coelestia - Ubi Secreta Colunt (2007)

Genre : Atmospheric Black Funeral Doom
Country : Italy

This is the first full-length of the band. They play Atmospheric Black with Funeral Doom influences, creating an atmosphere really cold and sorrowful with the keyboard effects. The riffs are crushing and melodic. The screaming Black vocals are deep. This album is very interesting!

For fans of Elysian Blaze. Abyssmal Sorrow, Nortt, Forgotten Tomb & Funeral Mourning.

1.Cult Of Solitude 09:35
2.Arcane Knowledge Revealed pt.I 08:01
3.Arcane Knowledge Revealed pt.II 06:52
4.Enigma Epitaph 08:56

Total playing time 33:25

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tanx from iran.