Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gallileous - Passio et mors... (Demo 1994 / Re-released 2008)

Genre : Funeral Doom Death
Country : Poland
This band is excellent, in this Demo from 1994 they play raw Funeral Doom with Death grunts. The guitars are heavy, with slow riffs and mid tempos. Their sound is primitive and crushing with dense atmosphere. This material is essential! Highly recommended!!!

1.Montem Olivarum 09:52
2.Tu Es Rex Judaeorum 09:17
3.Passio 08:39
4....Et Mors 10:12

Total playing time 38:01

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Anonymous said...

A good stuff, but only recommended for old school and raw funeral lovers (yes, they exist ;-)).
If you prefer doom death, try the album 'Ego Sum Censore Deum' from the same band.