Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Funeral Mourning - Drown in Solitude (2006)

Genre : Atmospheric Funeral Black Doom
Country : Australia

The first work of this band with slow depressive melodies, darkened atmosphere, dense riffs, anguished Black growls. This album is a grey and desolate feeling in the vein of Elysian Blaze and Abyssmal Sorrow.

1.Winds Of Unknown Existence 09:52
2.Drown In Solitude 04:59
3.Your Waters 05:14
4.Sounds Of A Dreary Sea 11:35
5.Misery Cloaked Under Decayed Flesh 06:16

Total playing time 37:56


prla1983 said...

Machine Head's "The Blackening" cover art deja-vu?

Anonymous said...

The cover art for "The Blackening" was based off of something from the 1500s. Apparently, this is taken from the same source...

However, Funeral Mourning did not rip off the Machine Head cover art, their album was released 4 months before Machine Head released The Blackening.