Thursday, March 5, 2009

Isole - Silent Ruins (2009)

Genre : Epic Doom Metal
Country : Sweden

'Silent Ruins' is the fourth album from Isole, it's excellent Epic Doom and one of the best releases of this year. Their style is very similar to 'Bliss of Solitude', and contains awesome tracks, with melodic riffs, acoustic passages, rhythm changes, guitar solos, heavy melodies, some blast drums, and perfect vocals. The vocal style is awesome, the choirs are emotional singings, completed by some guttural vocals in the first track and especially in the last track.

The surprise : In the last track 'Dark Clouds' the band explores walloping, playing funereal melodies towards the end of the track. The last 6 minutes of the album are Funeral Doom with slow melodies, darkness atmosphere and powerful grunts.

This album is highly recommended for all Doomster!... Really, I recommend you purchase this album, you won't be wrong!!!

1.From The Dark 11:02
2.Forlorn 06:46
3.Nightfall 06:57
4.Hollow Shrine 06:55
5.Soulscarred 06:26
6.Peccatum 04:01
7.Dark Clouds 11:43

Total playing time 53:50

Previous albums of the band :

Isole - Forevermore (2005)

Isole - Throne of Void (2006)

Isole - Bliss of Solitude (2008)

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