Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lacrimas Profundere - The Fallen Years (Best of Compilation - 2002) Doom Death

Genre : Melodic Doom Death w/classical music influence
(Deep grunts, clean vocals & Soprano/Keyboards, Violin, Harp & Flute)
Country : Germany

This compilation contains the 2 first albums from Lacrimas Profundere, these albums are released in the best era of the band. This compilation is one of my original oddities. Both albums have been remastered! This compilation is hard to find!
Highly recommended!!!

Lacrimas Profundere in their early years played Doom Death with melodic riffs, classical music influences, violin, flute, harp, keyboards, acosutic passages, crushing melodies, tons of melancholy, deep grunts, clean vocals and Soprano.

'...And the Wings Embraced Us' is the first album of the band, in this album they play emotional Doom Death with crushing songs. This is the beginning of this great career.

'...La Naissance d'un Rêve' is one of the top 10 Doom Death masterpieces! Really in this album they play amazing Doom, with sorrowful melodies, sadness, agony, pain, melancholy, and hopeless. It's a total tragedy! This is one of my favorite Doom Metal albums ever made. It's a treasure!!!

I recommend you listen with a lot of attention 'An Orchid for My Withering Garden' is one of the most painful acoustical tracks in the Doom Metal history!

CD 1 : ...And the Wings Embraced Us

*Originally released in April 1995. Re-released and remastered in 2002.

1.Snow 07:21
2.Perfume of Withered Roses (Extended Version) 07:13
3.Amorous 07:10
4.Eternal Sleep 04:58
5.Autumn Morning 07:37
6.Embracing Wings 01:59

Playing time 36:19

CD 2 : ...La Naissance d'un Rêve

*Originally released in 1997. Re-released in 2002 with 1 Bonus Track.
The tracks from '...La Naissance d'un Rêve' have been re-edited and remastered by the band in order to improve songs.

1.A Fairy's Breath (Re-edited Version) 09:35
2.Priamus (Re-edited Version) 09:54
3.Lilienmeer 02:32
4.The Gesture of the Gist (Re-edited Version) 07:47
5.An Orchid for My Withering Garden 06:30
6.Enchanted and in Silent Beauty (Re-edited Version) 07:32
7.The Meadows of Light (Bonus Track) 04:05

Playing time 47:57
Total Playing Time 01:24:16

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