Friday, December 12, 2008

Gallileous - Ego Sum Censore Deuum (2008)

Genre : Doom Death
Country : Poland

First full-length of this band in their 18 years of career. This album is very good, contains excellent songs with perfect melodies, and majestic atmosphere. The guitars are devastating, with slow tempos and heavy riffs. The vocals are very well performed, with screaming vocals and powerful grunts. This album is a perfect combination of harmonies and darkness. Highly recommended!

1.Intro : Ego Sum Censore Deuum 03:58
2.I'll Revenge 07:26
3.Fall of Emperors 04:47
4.Graves of the Harem 06:27
5.Destiny Part I 04:49
6.Destiny Part II 05:28
7.Inferno Doom 04:45
8.AntiVaticano 06:10
9.Lunatic 05:15
10.Gallileous 06:43

Total playing time 55:48


Unknown said...

Yeah, I agree here(Gallileous), but I don't like Ordog :)

Doomstermaniac said...

Hi man,

Yeah Gallileous is a great band!!! For me Ordog is good, but is very different to other bands.

Anonymous said...

A very good album !
One of my first purchases this year : 9€ in the label's site, it 's given (
Great discovery, thank you.

koituz said...

Woah, that album was fucking strange! Last half was pretty good, but the start was really synthy wierdness!!!