Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bosque - Passage (2009)

Genre : Atmospheric Funeral Doom
Country : Portugal

This is the first full-length from 'Bosque'. This album is Funeral Doom with atmospheric elements, distorted riffs, instrumental and acoustic passages, and crushing moments.

1.Erasure 13:24
2.Fields of Light 10:09
3.Behind 01:32
4.Candles 18:42

Total playing time 43:47

Other releases of the band :

ShEver - Ocean of Illusions (2007)

Genre : Sludge Doom Death (Female Vocals)
Country : Switzerland
ShEver is a Swiss band integrated only by girls. They play Sludge Doom Death with crushing guitars, distorted riffs, slow rhythm, dense atmosphere, female chants and aggressive female growls (similar to Bloody Panda). This band is highly recommended!

1.An Illusion 08:22
2.Silver Water 10:04
3.End My Silence 07:42
4.Confianca 06:14
5.Ocean of Pain 08:12
6.Obsession 12:54

Total playing time 53:28

ShEver - A Dialogue with the Dimensions (EP 2009)

Genre : Sludge Doom Death (Female Vocals)
Country : Switzerland

1.Transformed Into Sadness 09:16
2.Doomsky 07:38
3.Hagazussa 06:32
4.High & Turning 09:28

Total playing time 32:54

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tribute to Thergothon - Rising of Yog-Sothoth (2009)

Genre : Funeral Doom Death

This is the awaited (for many years!) Tribute to Thergothon, the godfathers of the Funeral Doom. This compilation includes many of the best Funeral Doom and Doom Death bands, like Worship, Evoken, Mournful Congregation, Officium Triste, Asunder, etc.
This album is highly recommended for all Funeral Doom lovers!

Disc 1

1.Asunder - Who Rides the Astral Wings 11:01
2.Officium Triste - Crying Blood and Crimson Snow 04:59
3.Evoken - Yet the Watchers Guard 08:48
4.Imindain - Everlasting 06:09
5.Colosseum - The Unknown Kadath in the Cold Waste 03:47
6.Mournful Congregation - Elemental 09:14
7.Worship - Evoken 09:40
8.Umbra Nihil - The Twilight Fade 03:26
9.Persistence in Mourning - Dancing in the Realm of Shades 04:20

Disc 2

1.Nojda - Evoken 07:34
2.Otzepenevshiye - The Unknown Kadath in the Cold Waste 07:10
3.Krohm - Everlasting 05:29
4.Inter Arbores - Who Rides the Astral Wings 08:25
5.Astral Sleep - Yet the Watchers Guard 09:03
6.Aarni - Verivaikerrus Hurmehanki 05:10
7.Axis of Advance - Elemental 08:28
8.Singultus - The Twilight Fade 02:14

Total playing time 01:55:15

Download Disc 1

Download Disc 2 (Includes Complete Booklet)

Catacombs - Echoes Through the Catacombs (2003/Re-released 2007) 2 Bonus Tracks

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : United States

This is the first EP from 'Catacombs', in 2007 was re-released with 2 remastered Bonus tracks. Highly recommended!

1.Consigned to Flames of Woe 16:23
2.Echoes Thourgh the Catacombs 13:39
3.Consigned to Flames of Woe (Remastered) 16:23
4.Echoes Through the Catacombs (Remastered) 13:35

Total playing time 01:00:02

Sculpture - Like a Dead Flower (EP 1997)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Portugal

Sculpture was an excellent band with 3 members at present in 'Before The Rain'; 'Sculpture' easily could be a pre-'Before the Rain', their sound, style and compositions are very similars. This is the only release of the band, an awesome Melodic Doom Death.
Hard to find. Highly recommended!!!

1.And Life 00:58
2.At The Gates Of Shadows World 06:45
3.Autumn Serenades 05:43
4.The Remains of the Day 03:24
5.Our Crying Earth 04:45

Total playing time 21:35

Forlorn (pre-Isole) - Waves Of Sorrow (Demo 1994)

Genre : Epic Doom
Country : Sweden

This is the third Demo of the band. In 2004 the band changed their name to 'Isole'. This material is hard to find. Highly recommended for collectors!

1.Age of Darkness 07:30
2.Waves of Sorrow 04:30
3.The End 05:05
4.Moonstone 10:00
5.No Return 07:05

Total playing time 34:10

Link to other releases of the band :

Forlorn - Autumn Leaves (Demo 2001)

Releases from 'Isole' :

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Raventale - On A Crystal Swing (2006)

Genre : Depressive Black Doom
Country : Ukraine

Raventale is an Ukrainian band that plays Black Doom with crushing riffs, depressive melodies, rhythm changes, slow interludes, bleak atmosphere, beautiful passages, and excellent growls. All their albums are highly recommended!

1.Prologue 02:00
2.Shredding The Skies By Fire 06:26
3.The Forest Spread Out In The Grey Melancholy 13:40
4.Resinous Blackness Of The Skies 07:12
5.The Cradle Of Rain 02:08
6.On A Crystal Swing 09:34

Total playing time 41:03

Raventale - Long Passed Days (2008)

Genre : Depressive Black Doom
Country : Ukraine

1.By Gritting Of Pain (Nostalgia) 09:13
2.Of Days Long Past 10:51
3.Up And Beyond The Horizon (Both Like Birds) 03:27
4.Sunset Of The Age (Anathema Cover) 08:25
5.From The Black Wells Of Time 07:11
6.My Silhouette Leaving Far Away 05:21

Total playing time 44:10

Raventale - Mortal Aspirations (2009)

Genre : Black Doom
Country : Ukraine

1.The Fall Of The Mortal Aspirations 09:23
2.Cosmos Inside 01:10
3.My Birds Of Misfortune 08:11
4.A Fading Scent Of Cinnamon And Naked 09:32
5.Watching A Luna Becomes Thy Face 01:11
6.The Silhouette Of Despair 06:33
7.Escape To The Stars 03:27
8.Suicide As The Destined End 10:54
9.A Ravens Fade 02:11

Total playing time 52:32

Funeral - This Barren Skin (Video Clip)

This Barren Skin
(Album 'From These Wounds')

Genre : Melodic Doom
Country : Norway

Quality Video : High
Quality Audio : High

Total playing time 04:16

Download Video (Full Screen)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Black Wreath - A Pyre of Lost Dreams (2009)

Genre : Atmospheric Funeral Doom
Country : Denmark

Awesome debut album from 'Black Wreath'. Their sound is very original, obscure, bleak, and crushing. The melodies are desolation, solitude, despair, darkness and sorrow.
This album is highly recommended!
Note : This band has members from 'Saturnus', 'Blazing Eternity', 'The Loveless' and 'On The Wand & The Moon'.

1.The Black Holes Of Your Mind 15:29
2.Nocturnal Dominion 13:10
3.Solitude Rising (Missing All Exit) 14:02
4.Nidstong 07:50

Total playing time 50:31

Sea of Despair - Sea of Despair (2009)

Genre : Melancholic Gothic Doom Death
(Male and female vocals/Violin, cello, keyboards)
Country : Russia

1.Dozhd... Plachet Dozhd... 02:35
2.Slezy Dozhdya 11:20
3.Kogda Ne Hvataset Slov... 01:30
4.Shepot Nochi 06:02
5.Serdce Skovano Holodom Blizkoy Zimy 01:02
6.Sumrak Zimy 08:15
7.Ya Tak Ee Lyubil... 01:22
8.Volny Otchayaniya 09:34
9.Ya Lezhal Na Dne Morya... 01:57

Total playing time 43:37

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Morningside - Moving Crosscurrent of Time (2009) Official Release

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Russia

This is the second album from 'The Morningside'. They play Doom Death with melodic Riffs, awesome melodies, acoustic passages, great atmosphere, and semi-screamed vocals. Not confuse this album with the Demo released in March 2009, many of these songs have different playing time.

In some passages, the sound of this album remind me 'Paradise Lost' (Icon/Draconian Times) and 'Daylight Dies'. The screaming vocals sound a bit like 'Agalloch'. This album is highly recommended!!!

1.Intro 04:20
2.14 06:15
3.The Autumn People 09:11
4.Insomnia 06:39
5.Moving Crosscurrent of Time 08:59
6.The Outcome (Admit One) 09:58
7.Outro 06:53

Total playing time 52:15

Weeping Silence - Deprived From Romance (Demo 2000)

Genre : Melodic Doom
Country : Malta
This is the first Demo from the band, they play Melodic Doom with melancholic and depressive melodies, atmospheric passages, sad keyboards, sorrowful chants, clean vocals, and some deep grunts. Very interesting release!

1.Your Silence Still Echoes 09:50
2.Winter Embrace 08:20
3.My Precious Grievousness 07:42
4.Memories 01:19

Total playing time 27:11

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hanging Garden - TEOTWAWKI (2009)

Genre : Melodic Gothic Doom Death
Country : Finland

This is the second release of the band. In this album they play Melodic Doom Death with Gothic influences, crushing guitars, melancholic passages, mid tempo, rhythm changes, and aggressive moments. For me the sound is a bit modern in this album, the rhythm is more fast, but the songs are interesting.
Highly recommended for fans of this genre!

1.Where Serpents Dwell 05:05
2.The Blackbirds 07:22
3.Hands That Decay 07:55
4.Times of Disgrace 07:35
5.Wolves Cry Out 09:42
6.Oceans Away 07:30
7.The Fires of Sheol 07:37
8.Inherit the Eden 05:43

Total playing time 58:29

Link to the first album :

Silent Winter - A Plague to Come (2005)

Genre : Doom Death
Country : England

This is the first 'Silent Winter' album. In this release they play Doom Death with slow riffs, melodic passages, beautiful soundscapes, obscure atmosphere, rhythm changes, and deep grunts. Highly recommended. Hard to find!

Thanks for this contribution to Alex "Fdoomer".

1.A Plague to Come 09:13
2.Dying Embrace 07:48
3.Bleak Eternity 08:28
4.Dark Sorrow 11:01
5.Stille Vinter 01:04
6.Deaths Theatre 06:12

Total playing time 43:46

Link to the second album :

Monday, November 9, 2009

Abandon - The Dead End (2009)

Genre : Disc 1 : Sludge Doom
Disc 2 : Atmospheric Sludge Doom w/ Instrumental Passages
Country : Sweden
Awesome third album of the band. They play Sludge Doom with Atmospheric elements, distorted guitars, melodic riffs, crushing melodies, bleak keyboards, instrumental passages, slow tempo, aggressive moments, and furious growls. Highly recommended!

Disc 1

1.Bitter the Surface 04:19
2.Pitch Black Hole 08:18
3.Lost We Are 13:51
4.Falling Into Place 04:05
5.Eulogy 03:50
6.In Reality Suffer 11:06

Disc 2

1.For Crumbs We Crawl 02:50
2.The Dead End 13:42
3.It's All Gone 17:17
4.There Is No Escape 08:19
5.Eulogy 18:50

Total playing time 01:46:27

Dying Fields - Mindig Ébren (2001)

Genre : Melodic Gothic Doom
Country : Hungary

1.Fekete Romantika 07:57
2.Vers Kell 07:12
3.Romlas Viraga 05:28
4.Egyedul 02:17
5.Tulso Part 05:13
6.Retek 05:27
7.Mindig Ebren 05:11
8.Madarak 07:19

Total playing time 46:04

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Swallow The Sun - Descending Winters (Video Clip)

Descending Winters
(Album 'Ghosts of Loss')

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Finland

Quality Video : Good
Quality Audio : Good

Total playing time 03:31

Download Video (Full Screen)

Swallow The Sun - Doomed To Walk The Earth (Video Clip)

Doomed to Walk the Earth
(Album 'Hope')

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Finland

Quality Video : Good
Quality Audio : Good

Total playing time 09:30

Download Video

Swallow The Sun - Don't Fall Asleep (Video Clip)

Don't Fall Asleep
(Album 'Hope')

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Finland

Quality Video : Good
Quality Audio : Good

Total playing time 04:54

Download Video

Poema Arcanus - Timeline Symmetry (2009)

Genre : Progressive Doom Death
Country : Chile

1.Timeline Symmetry 05:58
2.Raven Humankind 07:03
3.The Average Man's Odyssey 09:19
4.Mars Lullaby 05:04
5.By The Cliff 08:12
6.This Once Long Road 05:45
7.Alter 05:33
8.Zoom The Void 05:39
9.Epilogo 03:58

Total playing time 56:00

Friday, November 6, 2009

My Dying Bride - Bring Me Victory (Video Clip)

Bring Me Victory
(Album 'For Lies I Sire')

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : England

Quality Video : High
Quality Audio : High

Total playing time 04:17

Download Video (Full Screen)

My Dying Bride - I Cannot Be Loved (Video Clip)

I Cannot Be Loved
(Album 'A Line of Deathless Kings')

Genre : Melodic Doom
Country : England

Quality Video : High
Quality Audio : High

Total playing time 04:41

Download Video (Full Screen)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Evoken - Shades Of Night Descending (Re-released 2009) 5 Bonus Track

Genre : Funeral Doom Death
Country : United States
Bitrate : CBR 320kbps

This is the remastered version from 'Shades of Night Descending' and contains 5 bonus track taken from the Demos 1996 and 1997. This album could be called the "Evoken's early years". Today Evoken is one of the best Funeral Doom bands in the world, this is the manifest of their beginning. Highly recommended!!!

1.Intro 02:26
2.In Graven Image 08:04
3.Shades of Night Descending 08:30
4.Towers of Frozen Dusk 06:15
5.Into the Autumn Shade 09:04
6.The Hills of Artic Stillness (From Demo 1996) 09:56
7.Embrace the Emptiness (From Demo 1996) 13:33
8.Outro (From Demo 1996) 03:27
9.Among the Whispering Spirits (From Demo 1997) 09:34
10.Outro (Demo 1997) 02:15

Total playing time 01:13:08

The 11th Hour - Burden of Grief (2009)

Genre : Epic Doom/Melodic Doom Death
Country : Netherlands

Awesome album from this new band integrated by members from 'Edge of Sanity', 'Gorefest', 'Officium Triste', 'Dark Suns', 'Ayreon', etc... The band plays magnificent Epic Doom mixed with Melodic Doom Death, creating the most wonderful Doom Metal that you can hear.

This album contains crushing guitar, awesome melodic riffs, obscure and sorrowful atmosphere, beautiful melodies, slow tempo, melancholic passages, bleak keyboards, epic chants, and deep grunts. This album is other great release of this year, one of the most prolific years in the Doom Metal history, with lots of great albums. This album is absolutely recommended!!!

For fans of Isole, Candlemass, Officium Triste, Mourning Beloveth, My Dying Bride, and more...

1.One Last Smoke 06:43
2.In the Silent Grave 08:22
3.Origins Of Mourning 11:05
4.Weep For Me 08:52
5.Atonement 07:44
6.Longing For Oblivion 09:40

Total playing time 52:29

Faal - 00.00 (Video Clip)

Faal - 00.00
(Album 'Abhorrence Salvation')

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : Netherlands

Quality Video : Good
Quality Audio : High

Total playing time 07:30

Download Video (Full Screen)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

While Heaven Wept - Vast Oceans Lachrymose (2009)

Genre : Epic Power with Doom influences
Country : United States
Bitrate : 320kbps

1.The Furthest Shore 15:50
2.To Wander the Void 06:27
3.Living Sepulchre 04:00
4.Vessel 07:47
5.Vast Oceans Lachrymose 05:01
6.Epilogue 03:12

Total playing time 42:17

Other albums of the band :

Majestic Downfall - Temple of Guilt (Video Clip)

Temple of Guilt
(Album 'Temple of Guilt')
Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Mexico
Quality Video : High
Quality Audio : High

Total playing time 09:57

Download Video (Full Screen)

Serenade - Let Loose The Beauty Within (Demo 1994)

Genre : Doom Death
Country : England

1.Where the River Flows End 06:12
2.Let Loose the Beauty Within 06:07
3.Born Into Sorrow 05:08
4.Casting the Flesh 06:12

Total playing time 23:39

Link to the other releases from 'Serenade' :

Saattue - Vuoroveri (2009)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Finland

1.Vapahtaja 05:55
2.Luopio 05:43
3.Evoluution Kruunu 06:48
4.Itsensa Herra 07:16
5.Synnista Syntynyt 05:37
6.Taaka 05:28
7.Verenperima 08:45
8.Hapean Linnut 08:42

Total playing time 54:14

Link to the first album :

Bunkur - Nullify (2009)

Genre : Drone Doom
Country : Netherlands

1.Nullify 01:17:11

Total playing time 01:17:11

The River - Oneiric Dirges in Mono (Demo 2003)

Genre : Doom Metal
Country : England

1.Opaque 07:24
2.Amber 09:30

Total playing time 16:54

Other releases :

The River - Different Ways to be Haunted (Demo 2005)

The River - Drawing Down the Sun (Album 2006)

Monday, November 2, 2009

It Will Come - Truth Is Nothing But Deceit (EP 2008)

Genre : Melodic Doom Metal
Country : Sweden

Second release from this interesting band with slow riffs, depressive melodies and sorrowful female vocals.
Highly recommended for fans of 'The River'.

1.Without Faces 03:34
2.Revulsion 05:24
3.Food For Thought 07:20

Total playing time 16.18

Link to the first release :

47 (Best of Compilation - 2006)

The Lamp of Thoth - Sing as You Slay (EP 2009)

Genre : Traditional Heavy Doom
Country : England

This is the new release of the band, includes the 2009 live single 'An Oath Sworn On The Ashlar Stone' and other 2 bonus tracks.
Highly recommended!

1.Into The Lair Of The Gorgon 06:06
2.Thomas The Rhymer 03:16
3.Ancient Fire 06:06
4.Sing As You Slay 06:11
5.The Doom That Came To Sarnath (Bonus Track) 06:32
6.Shub-Niggurath (Bonus Track) 06:05
7.An Oath Sworn On The Ashlar Stone (Live) 06:16
8.Hand Of Glory (Live) 07:40

Total playing time 48:23

Other releases from The Lamp Of Thoth :

I Love The Lamp (Demo 2006)

Cauldron Of Witchery (EP 2007)

Portents, Omens & Dooms (2008)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

God's Eye Cataract - A Sleep So Quiet (Demo 2008)

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : Czech Republic

This is the first release of this very interesting band. They play Funeral Doom with crushing guitars, melodic riffs, excellent melodies, obscure atmosphere, enigmatic keyboards, depressive passages, sinister interludes, aggressive moments, atmospheric elements, dying growls and cavernous grunts. Awesome release.
Highly recommended!

For fans of Evoken, Skepticism, Mournful Congregation and Worship.

1.A Sleep So Quiet 11:30
2.The Endless River 11:17
3.Saturnal Calm 04:35
4.Escape 15:45

Total playing time 43:08

Unsilence - Under a Torn Sky (2009)

Genre : Melodic Doom Metal
Country : England

1.The Last Day 07:03
2.The Burning Midnight 04:49
3.Transfiguration 06:15
4.Barricade 06:17
5.Echoes Awaken 05:01
6.Of What May Become 08:44
7.The Hour of Arrival 06:30
8.Winds of Enlightenment 09:17

Total playing time 53:56

Unsilence - Transfiguration (EP 2000)

Genre : Melodic Doom
Country : England

1.Our Final Autumn 06:34
2.The Gallery 06:22
3.Once Were Embers 07:55

Total playing time 20:51

Caskets Open - Buried Upside Down (Demo 2008)

Genre : Traditional Doom
Country : Finland

1.Flowers on Golgotha 05:30
2.Politician 04:37
3.I Don't Mind 08:07
4.The Others 06:20
5.Suffocation 09:37
6.Die in Coma 05:20

Total playing time 39:31

Tears of Mankind - Unique (Demo 2005)

Genre : Melodic Gothic Doom Death
Country : Russia

1.Black Love 10:59
2.Inutile Life 09:45
3.Unique 06:51
4.In a Wood of Eternal Tears 07.30
5.Way Through a Fog 08:31

Total playing time 43:36

Tears of Mankind - Pulse (Demo 2005)

Genre : Melodic Gothic Doom Death
Country : Russia

1.Solution 10:15
2.Not a Ray of Hope 10:42
3.Pulse 06:20
4.Tender Sugar 05:40
5.Drawback 06:09
6.Horizon 10.10

Total playing time 49:16

Tears of Mankind - Dark Times (Demo 2005)

Genre : Melodic Gothic Doom Death
Country : Russia

1.Illusion 09:20
2.You Are The Life 07:50
3.The Wanderer of Eternity 09:38
4.In the Black Sky 07.47
5.In the Mist 07:27

Total playing time 42:01

Tears of Mankind - Where Angels Do Not Dare To Fly (Demo 2004)

Genre : Melodic Gothic Doom Death
Country : Russia

1.The River 05:03
2.Emotion Oblivion 08:03
3.Without Hope 06:32
4.From Dark to Light 06:32

Total playing time 24:17

Tears of Mankind - Deep Inside The Silence (Demo 2004)

Genre : Melodic Gothic Doom
Country : Russia

1.Please Love Me 08:38
2.Promise 06:18
3.Deep Inside the Silence 08:53
4.Sweet Harmony 08:29

Total playing time 32:18

Tears of Mankind - Silence (Demo 2003)


Genre : Melodic Gothic Doom
Country : Russia

1.Where Angels Do Not Dare To Fly 07:45
Total playing time 07:45

Tears of Mankind - Moenchsgesang (Demo 2003)


Genre : Melodic Gothic Doom
Country : Russia

1.Passion Play 10:04
2.Moenchsgesang 09:28
Total playing time 19:32