Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Golgotha - New Life (2005)

Genre : Doom Death
Country : Spain

This is the third album of the band, and last album to date. In this work they play Doom Death with heavy riffs, dense atmosphere and deep grunts. The melodies are very well performed with melodic passages. This is an interesting album of this veteran band. Recommended!

1.Forever Gone 05:18
2.Never, Never Again 04:28
3.Trapped In Two Worlds 04:14
4.Repentance 04:42
5.I Am Lost 04:29
6.Broken Emotions 03:27
7.Need You 04:42
8.New Life 03:25
9.Knife Edge (Emerson, Lake & Palmer) 03:41
10.Lake of Memories (2005 version) 07:07

Total playing time 45:33


Sacris said...

I like this work so much.....

Sammath Naur said...

I'm very like this band i think golgotha rulessss!!!! this blog is great man!!!! support doom metal!!!!

Sammath Naur said...

this blog is also excellent!!!!
doom metal rules support black sabbath and candlemass... this wor of golgotha is very god.

Sammath Naur said...

this blog is excellent support doom metal and blacka sabbath!!!!

Sammath Naur said...

Este es un excelente trabajo de esta banda española que hacen doom de la puta madre!!!!