Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Until My Funerals Began - Cemeteries Flowers (2008)

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : Ukraine

This is the first full-length of this interesting band. Their style is Funeral Doom with bleak atmosphere, ultra-slow tempo, painful melodies, desolate riffs, sad keyboards, symphonic arrangements, deep grunts and sorrow whispers. It's a great album.
Highly recommended!

For fans of Mournful Comgregation, Mistress of the Dead, Shape of Despair, Ankhagram, Left in Torment, Lethargy of Death and more funereal bands.

This album is recommended for purchase, the label of this band is the same of Ankhagram!

1.Sadness Come 10:46
2.Beautiful Pain 15:04
3.Poem for Dead 10:33
4.Cemeteries Flowers 08:52

Total playing time 45:16


Anonymous said...

good job ! tanx from iran.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your great job of collection. Sometimes it's very dificult search material doom metal

My regards from Chile South America

max de valpso