Monday, December 8, 2008

Solarfall - In Depths And Despair (2006)

Genre : Funeral Doom / Epic Pagan
Country : Bulgaria

This band is very interesting. Their style is Funeral Doom with Epic and Pagan influences. The melodies are slow and beautiful, accompanied by flutes and keyboards. The vocals are guttural, and some melancholic clean voices. This album is an ode to the purity of the elements.

1.As The Mountains Weep - Intro 02:07
2.In Depths And Despair 11:10
3.Storm Of Despair 06:51
4.Tearful Heaven 09:00
5.Drowning Into Solarfll 05:36
6.Negura (In Thy Tearful Heaven) - Outro 02:53

Total playing time 37:40

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