Saturday, January 24, 2009

Aglarond - Embraced by Darkness (2008)

Genre : Gothic Doom Death
Country : Mexico

This is the second full-length of the band. Their style is Melodic Doom Death with some Gothic influences, accompanied by keyboards, melodic guitars, deep grunts, clean vocals and female voices. Their sound is influenced by bands like Moonspell, Theatre of Tragedy, Crematory, Sisters of Mercy, and others. Recommended!

1.Beyond sunset 01:35
2.Like a never ending stream of sadness 07:52
3.Desperate cries 05:57
4.Embraced by darkness 08:28
5.A bleak garden 05:08
6.Drowning in tears 04:26
7.Alone 07:53
8.In the death of night 04:58
9.Rain falls 04:38

Total playing time 51:05

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